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The mission of the Graduate School of Energy Science is to equip students with the expertise to take the initiative in solving energy problems in innovative ways that contribute to global sustainable development. The International Energy Science Course is a new offering in English from one of Japan's most prestigious universities. In order to help achieve a low carbon society, the graduate school provides postgraduate students and researchers with advanced learning and research opportunities on the development and practical utilization of ne energy technology. This is backed-up with social, economic and environmental assessment of energy systems within the context of a sustainable future. The International Energy Science Course (IESC) teaches students about energy systems from a broad, cross-disciplinary perspective, along with in-depth understanding of their own major. In the course, Japanese proficiency is not required.Energy and environmental problems are of utmost importance for our future society. Experts in energy who have both broad perspectives and strong expertise are the key to the solution.We are eager to see that those who study in the IESC contribute to building a sustainable society. Should students wish to proceed on to a PhD, those who have been awarded Master's degree will have the typical admission fees waived

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【IESC Master's/Doctoral degree program】Masters'/Doctoral Program Application Guides for applicants (April 2018 intake, October 2018 intake) have been uploaded.