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Energy Conversion Science

Department Organization

Division Groups Focus
Energy Conversion
* Thermal Energy Conversion
* Conversion Systems
With the objective of unifying fundamental theories on energy conversion and transportation, functional design and constitutive elements of systems, and investigating safety and highlyefficient energy conversion systems in harmony with the environment, the foundation and methodology of the related evaluation, design and control are being studied.
Design for Energy
* Materials Design for Energy
* Design for Functional
In order to convert, transport and store energy with high efficiency, areas of study include the functions to be embodied in a variety of machines and their composed systems, the principles for the diversification of energy conversion, constitutive materials for hardware systems, the design of associated machineries and software, and the foundation and application of their safety and reliability.
Functional Energy
* Advanced Energy Conversion
* Highly Qualified Energy
* Functional Energy Conversion
In order to investigate highly-efficient safety energy conversion processes in harmony with the environment and to build systems, areas of study include the establishment of theories, application/evaluation and functional conversion systems from the manifold perspectives of fusion science and engineering, optical science, thermochemistry, advanced atomic energy, energy materials science and engineering, etc.
Innovative Energy
(visiting professors) The main concerns in the Chair are in fields of the establishment of life assessment of energyrelated machinery and the development of optimum processing for welded structures. Education and research activities in such fields are pursued based on materials science and mechanics of materials.


For the Master's Program For the Doctoral Program
  • Energy Conversion Fundamentals
  • Rate Processes
  • Heat Engines
  • Thermal Energy System Design
  • Combustion Science and Engineering
  • Pollutant Treatment in Energy Conversion Systems
  • Fracture Mechanics for Energy Systems
  • Science for System Integrity
  • Theory of Plasticity
  • Mechanics of Advanced Materials
  • Continuum Thermodynamics
  • Fundamentals of Fusion Energy System
  • Advanced Energy System Technology
  • Particle Energy Conversion
  • Electromagnetic Energy Conversin
  • Functional Energy Conversion
  • Materials for Energy Conversion
  • Advanced Energy Conversion Science
  • Advanced Numerical Simulation
  • Waste Biomass Utilization
  • Bio-Energy Conversion
  • Theory of Elastic Waves
  • Materials Science for Energy Systems
  • Manufacturing Science and Engineering Based on Energy Processig
  • Field Research Project on Energy Conversion Science
  • Special Fundamental Study 1, 2
  • Industrial Ethios
  • Special Seminar on Interdisciplinary Energy Science
  • Advanced Study on Energy Conversion Science 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Energy Conversion Fundamentals, Adv.
  • Environmental Protection Science
  • Continuum Thermodynamics
  • Materials Science for Energy Systems, Adv.
  • Manufacturing Science and Engineering Based on Energy Processing, Adv.
  • Waste Biomass Utilization, Adv.
  • Field Research Project on Energy Science
  • Advanced Energy Conversion Science (in English)