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Socio-Environmental Energy Science

Department Organization

Division Groups Focus
Social Science of
* Energy-social Engineering
* Energy Economics
* Energy Ecosystems
Primary subjects of study include the technological and biological treatment of energy production, storage, distribution, utilization and its rejection. Concurrently, great stress is placed upon the economy, safety and environmental feasibility of available energy, targeting the ideal social system for energy utilization.
Energy Systems
* Energy and Information
* Energy and Environment
The main focus is on the planning, design and evaluation of energy systems from, energy production to energy utilization, and safety countermeasures for environmental protection. The harmony of energy systems with society and the environment is seen as vital.
Societal Energy
* Energy Policy
* Societal Energy Education
* Energy and Communication
The research topics focus on energy policy and education related to the international, societal and technological issues such as energy security and disaster prevention, and also on a system of human communication for safety culture related to energy supply and demand.
Energy Issues
(visiting professors) International energy issues


For the Master's Program For the Doctoral Program
  • Advanced Study on Socio-Environmental
    Energy Science 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Socio-Environmental Energy Science I, II
  • Social Engineering of Energy
  • Advanced Study on Sustainable Society
    with an Environmentally-sound Material
  • Energy Economics
  • Economic Analysis
  • Energy Ecosystems
  • Recycling Systems in Earth Ecology
  • Human Interface
  • System Safety
  • Energy and Environment
  • Environmental Harmony
  • Societal Education for Energy
  • Energy Policy
  • Energy Communication
  • Environmental Economics
  • Energy Politics
  • International Energy II
  • Field Research Project on Socio-
    Environmental Energy Science
  • Special Fundamental Study 1, 2
  • Industrial Ethics
  • Special Seminar on Interdisciplinary
    Energy Science
  • Social Engineering of Energy, Adv.
  • Energy Economics, Adv.
  • Energy Ecosystems, Adv.
  • Energy and Information, Adv.
  • Energy and Environment, Adv.
  • International Energy, Adv.
  • Advanced Seminar on Socio-
    Environmental Energy Science
    (in English)
  • Zero-emission Social System
  • Field Research Project on Energy