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Energy Science and Technology

Department Organization

Division Groups Focus
Thermal Science
* Device Physics
* Process and Energy
Fundamentals and applications of thermal science upon advanced VLSI, material design simulation, advanced energy systems and superconducting apparatus.
Energetics * Materials Process Science
* Thermochemistry
Fundamentals and applications of thermochemistry for the creation, development and processing of materials for energy.
and Energy
* Resources and Energy
* Advanced Processing of
Resources and Energy
* Mineral Processing
Education and research on supply systems and advanced processing of energy resources and materials, and related space technologies.
Quality Energy
* Quantum Radiation
Energy Science
* The Physics of Energy
* Photon Energy Science
Education and research on the generation and application of high-quality quantum-radiation energy materials, R&D for advanced energy systems and advanced photon energy with lasers.
Energy Science
and Technology
(visiting professors)  


For the Master's Program For the Doctoral Program
  • Advanced Study on Energy Science and Technology 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Introduction to Energy Science and Technology
  • Advanced Energy Science and Technology
  • Lecture on Advanced Integrated Circuits
  • Thin Film Nanodevices
  • Effective Utilization Engineering in Electrical Energy System
  • Materials Processing
  • Functional Materials Processing
  • Thermochemistry
  • Thermodynamic Strategy for Environmental-Friendly Processes
  • Resource and Energy System
  • Ocean Resources and Energy Technology
  • Numerical Approach to Working Processes
  • Computational Physics
  • Advanced Physical Chemistry
  • Physics of Energy Conversion Materials
  • Photon and Quantum Energy
  • Electromagnetic Energy
  • Effective Utilization of Energy
  • Energy Development
  • Field Research Project on Energy Science and Technology
  • Special Fundamental Study 1, 2
  • Industrial Ethics
  • Special Seminar on Interdisciplinary Energy Science
  • Applied Thermal Science, Adv.
  • Energy and Processes, Adv.
  • Resource and Energy System, Adv.
  • Advance in High Quality Energy Systems
  • Energy Development, Adv.
  • Advanced Energy Science and Technology (in English)
  • Field Research project on Energy Science