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Department of Socio-Environmental Energy Science

in search of ideal energy and social systems in harmony with the natural environment

The Department of Socio-Environmental Energy Science aims at the establishment of ideal energy systems harmonizing with natural and human environments in order to sustain the continuous development of human civilization.For this purpose, various energy problems are systematically analyzed from sociological, political, economical, biological and environmental perspectives.


Department of Fundamental Energy Science

We are doing education about basic science, and research, in order to contribute to energy problem solution. It is performed considering "physics", such as "chemistry", such as quantum chemistry, physical chemistry, and substance science, quantum mechanics and electricity and magnetism, statistical mechanics, condensed matter physics study, and nuclear physics, as a basis.


Department of Energy Conversion Science

Energy Conversion Systems and their Functional Design in the 21st Century

In order to contribute to the development of a human society that coexists with the natural environment, and to establish efficient clean energy systems, we offer education and conduct research on generation, conversion, control and the utilization of various kinds of energy from the perspective of science and engineering.


Department of Energy Science and Technology

To establish environmentally friendly process technologies to sustain the development of our society

We offer education and research opportunities for the development of more efficient utilization of direct and indirect energy supplies based on disciplines such as resources, metallurgical, mechanical and electrical engineering.