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Department of Energy Conversion Science  
Energy Conversion Systems and their Functional Design in the 21st Century

In order to contribute to the development of a human society that coexists with the natural environment, and to establish efficient clean energy systems, we offer education and conduct research on generation, conversion, control and the utilization of various kinds of energy from the perspective of science and engineering.

Departmental Organization


Professor Assoc. Professor
Res. Associate
Energy Conversion Systems Thermal Energy Conversion Takuji ISHIYAMA Hiroshi KAWANABE Naoto HORIBE
Conversion Systems Masahiro SHIOJI    
Design for Energy Convertion Functions Materials Design for Energy Systems Toshihiko HOSHIDE Shoji IMATANI  
Design for Functional Systems Eiji MATSUMOTO Katsuyuki KINOSHITA Masataka ABE
Functional Energy Converion Advanced Energy Conversion Satoshi KONISHI Yasushi YAMAMOTO Yuto TAKEUCHI
Highly Qualified Energy Conversion Kazunobu NAGASAKI Kai MASUDA  
Functional Energy Conversion Materials Akihiko KIMURA Kazunori MORISHITA Ryuta KASADA
Innovative Energy Conversion   Tomoyuki WAKISAKA    
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