Establishing theories in energy science.

Plasma Energy Conversion

Developments of beam-related high quality energies

For the 21st century’s advanced sciences and technologies to bring about enormous contributions to the human beings, highly advanced and innovative control methods for the collective behavior of particle beams are being pursued. In the experiments of beam direct energy conversion shown in the photo, a conversion efficiency as high as 87±6% has been achieved, by converting ion beams’ kinetic energies directly into electricity through electrostatic fields for deceleration of the beams.

Research of an extremely compact inertial-electrostatic confinement fusion neutron /proton source

Accelerated deuterium ions produced by the glow discharge undergo fusion reaction at the center of the hollow cathode and 107 n/s was achieved so far. Landmine detection by use of this device is currently being studied.

Highly brilliant electron beam production by a microwave gun

The electron beam to be used for free electron laser is accelerated by the microwave field up to 99.8 % of the light velocity (8 MeV) in the 23 cm length gun. Design refinements for higher beam brightness are being pursued. Computer simulations are extensively applied to all phases.

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