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Text Box: GCOE Asst. Prof. Taro Sonobe
Graduate School of Energy Science
Kyoto University
Phone: +81-774-38-3420
Fax: +81-774-38-3426
E-mail: t.sonobe@iae.kyoto-u.ac.jp

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Text Box: Kyoto University has a major mission on encouraging and supporting all areas of academic research. One of the key issue is energy and material science and technology in order to cope with recent rapid change in this field. With the perception on the significance of exchanging knowledge and research experiences between researcher in this field, the cooperation with the GCOE, Institute of Advances Energy, Graduate School of Energy Science, and Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi (RMUTT), have jointly set up an academic symposium on the 8th Eco-Energy and Materials Science and Engineering symposium (EMSES). This symposium is not only giving an opportunity for Japanese, Thai and foreign researchers to present and discussion their research works and update their expertise but also to initially stimulate the development of research works on eco-energy and materials science and engineering. Once the cooperation among researchers has been created, the closer future cooperation incorporate with joint-research works will be developed. Thus, to support the aforementioned role, the symposium committee would like to invite you to participate in this academic symposium.

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