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What have been done?

21st century COE program

Graduate School of Energy Science, Institute of Advanced Energy, and Research Institute for Sustainable Humanosphere at Kyoto University, had jointly proposed “Establishment of COE on Sustainable Energy System” for the 21st century COE program. The proposal was accepted in 2002, and the program finished in 2007. The research programs consisting of four main tasks, which to achieve sustainable energy system, aim at the establishment of environmental-friendly society. The educational program, which is also included in this COE program, aims at encouragement of students who can adequately deal with problems on energy and environment from wide viewpoints. Furthermore, the International Sustainable-Energy Information Center, which is founded to dispatch energy information and to propose the related policy, collects and analyzes various kinds of energy and environment data. The present COE program will carry out the duty of university for society to promote international joint researches as well as industry-government-university collaborations.

Research achievements
  • Solar energy system:Development of an organic thin film solar cell with a conversion efficiency of 4.1%. a compact fusion neutron/proton source, and formation of spherical tokamak equilibria
  • Hydrogen energy:Development of a direct ammonia fuel cell
  • Bioenergy:Biodiesel fuel by supercritical methanol method
  • Evaluation of Total Energy System:Inheritable energy database structure、Scenario Planning for 2030 Energy Supply and Demand in Japan

Outputs:916 Original papers、110 Books、184 Keynote lectures、124 Patents

  • International Energy School, Promoting RA and TA for PhD student
  • Subsidizing research of PhD candidates, Publishing text books (in Japanese and in English)

Organizing ASEAN COST+3 meeting, Executing Asian CORE program

  • Establishment of satellite office in Thailand, Organizing SEE (Sustainable Energy and Environment) forum
  • Public Lectures (47 prefectures in Japan)
  • International (5times) and domestic (3times) symposium

Careers after graduation:University (8), Public institutes (16), Company (8), Postdoctoral researchers (33)