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The 2nd GCOE International Symposium

The 2nd GCOE Internal Symposium was held. Thank you very much for your attendance.
The presentation files of Plenary Sessions have been opened below.

Kyoto University Global Center of Excellence (GCOE) of Energy Science is tackling the two themes for realizing CO2 zero emission in the 21st century.

The Second International Symposium of Kyoto University GCOE of Energy Science, “ZERO-CARBON ENERGY Kyoto 2010” was held on August 19-20 at Kyoto University Obaku Plaza and brought together 182 participants in total.
On 19th August, the chairman, Prof. Satoshi Konishi (IAE, Kyoto University) declared the symposium open. At first, Prof. Kiyoshi Yoshikawa (Executive Vice President of Kyoto University) gave an opening address, Followed this, Dr. Yoshikazu Nishikawa (Emeritus Prof. of Kyoto University), and Prof. Mohamed A. Abdou (Distinguished Professor at UCLA) gave us opening remarks. Prof. Takeshi Yao (G-COE leader) introduced the G-COE activities. After that, 5 distinguished speakers from each group made a plenary lecturer, and then 80 posters were presented by G-COE Unit students as well as international participants.
At the end of reception party, several presentation awards were provided to those excellent students.
On 20th, each group invited some distinguished researchers and organized a parallel session.
At closing session, each research groups reported their summary.

Proceedings Template

Presentation List and PPT Files (PDF Converted) of Plenary Session and Invited Spealers

19th August (The Day First)

PPT file
Plenary Session (GCOE)
Dr. Takeshi Yao
(Leader of GCOE Program/ Professor, Graduate School of Energy Science, Kyoto University)
"Energy Science in the Age of Global Warming – Toward CO2 Zero-emission Energy System"
pdf icon (11MB)
Plenary Session (Scenario)
Dr. Rinaldy Dalimi
(Member of the National Energy Council and Senior lecturer in University of Indonesia, Indonesia)
"A Scenario of 75 Percent Share of Renewable Energy for Indonesia's Energy Need 2050"
pdf icon (1.7MB)
Plenary Session (Socio-Economics)

Dr. Julian M. Allwood
(University Senior Lecturer, Low Carbon and Materials Processing Research Group, University of Cambridge, UK)
"Energy and Material Efficiency"

pdf icon(6.3MB)
Plenary Session (Advanced Nuclear Energy Research)

Dr. Mohamed A. Abdou
(Distinguished Professor and Director of the Center for Energy Science and Technology University of California-Los Angeles, USA)
"Scientific and Engineering Challenges and New Strategy for Development of Practical Fusion Energy"

pdf icon(2.9MB)
Plenary Session (Solar Energy Research)

Dr. Seeram Ramakrishna
(Professor, Mechanical Engineering, Vice-President (Research Strategy), National University of Singapore, Singapore)
"Singapore's Perspective on Energy and Future Cities"

pdf icon (4.5MB)
Plenary Session (Biomass Energy Research)

Dr. Gerhard Knothe
(Lead Scientist/Research Chemist, National Center for Agricultural Utilization Research, USA)
"The Potential of Biodiesel with Improved Properties to an Alternative Energy Mix"

pdf icon (10MB)


20th August (The Day Second)

PPT file
Scenario/ Socio-Economics Session

Dr. Haruki Tsuchiya
(President, Research Institute for System Technology, Japan)
“Lifestyles and Activity Change”

Scenario/ Socio-Economics Session
Dr. Zhou Zhiwei
(Professor, Tsinghua University, China)
“Low-Carbon Energy Strategy for Sustainable Development of Chinese Economy”
Scenario/ Socio-Economics Session
Dr. Kouji Tokimatsu
(The Institute of Applied Energy)
“Global Zero-Emission Energy Scenario”
Advanced Nuclear Energy Session
Dr. Masahiro Kawaji
(Professor, Mechanical and Chemical Engineering, City College of City University of New York, USA)
“Nuclear Energy Research at US Universities and Development of a Virtual Reactor”
pdf icon (11.3MB)
Solar Energy Session
Dr. Dmitrii F. Perepichka
(Assoc. Professor, Department of Chemistry, McGill University, Canada)
“New Organic and NanoMaterials to Meet the Challenges of Solar Energy”
Bio-energy Session
Dr. Luis F. Razon
(Professor, Chemical Engineering Department, De La Salle University, Philippines)
“Net Energy Analysis of the Production of Biodiesel and Biogas from the Microalgae: Haematococcus pluvialis and Nannochloropsis sp.
pdf icon (0.5MB)
Bio-energy Session
Dr. Kinya Sakanishi
(Director, Biomass Technology Research Center, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Japan)
“Demonstration of Bio-Fuel Production Technology from Non-Edible Biomass Resources for Sustainable Biomass-Asia Strategy”
pdf icon (4.1MB)


Thank you all invited speakers for your kind contributions.