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The 13th IAESREC Science Cafe (September 7th, 2023)

In the 13th IAESREC Science Cafe, we invite two Doctoral Course students from the Graduate School of Energy Science. It will be a good opportunity to discover research activities across various Departments. Participating students may also exchange information not only about research but also concerning Lab events, life in Kyoto, future career, etc… Please feel …

The 10th (April 1st 2022) IAESREC Science Cafe

In the 10th IAESREC Science Cafe, we invite Dr. Reiko ODA from CNRS – Univ. of Bordeaux (France). She is a world-renowned scientist leading in the research field of chiral nanomaterials, but also the key person for Graduate School of Energy Science (GSES) in the acceleration of international research activities such as the PhD course …

The 9th (July 29th 2021) IAESREC Science Cafe

We welcome you to join our IAESREC Science Cafe! IAESREC Science Cafe provides opportunities of students from our graduate school to discuss about science freely. We have already invited speakers in various research fields to provide scientific topics since it started. In particular, we have held ONLINE Science Café using Zoom since last year due …

The 4th Kyoto-Bordeaux Joint Symposium_Session of Energy Science

In October 2019, Kyoto University and the University of Bordeaux formed a strategic partnership to focus on research collaboration in the three fields of Energy Science, Medicine, and African area studies. Based on this, the Session of Energy Science (Topics on Materials Design for Sustainable Energy and Environment) will be held on February 19th as …

The 8th (November 27th 2020) IAESREC Science Cafe

The International Advanced Energy Science Research and Education Center (IAESREC) has started holding Science Cafes (IAESREC Science Cafe) from the last year. We welcome you to join the 8th IAESREC Science Cafe, which will be held online via Zoom. In the 8th IAESREC Science Cafe, we are planning to do an “online welcome event for …

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