Establishing theories in energy science.

Energy Science and Technology Dept.

To establish environmentally friendly process technologies to sustain the development of our society

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We offer education and research opportunities for the development of more efficient utilization of direct and indirect energy supplies based on disciplines such as resources, metallurgical, mechanical and electrical engineering.

Research Group List of Energy Science and Technology Dept.
Division Group Professor Associate Professor


Assistant Professor
Applied Thermal Science Device Physics Toshiya DOI
Process and Energy Open link Iwao KAWAYAMA
Energetics Materials Process Science Open link Masao MIYAKE Takumi IKENOUE
Thermochemistry Open link Masakatsu HASEGAWA


Resources and Energy Resources and Energy System Mamoru MABUCHI Masataka HAKAMADA Youqing CHEN
Advanced Processing of Resources and Energy Takayuki HAMA Naoki MIYAZAWA
Mineral Processing Open link Hitoshi FUJIMOTO Hiromu KUSUDA Eishi KUSAKA
High Quality Energy Quantum Radiation Energy Science Open link Hideaki OHGAKI Heisyun ZEN Jordi CRAVIOTO
Physics of Energy Materials Open link Yuhei MIYAUCHI Taishi NISHIHARA*
Photon Energy Science Open link Takashi NAKAJIMA
Advanced Energy Science Visiting Professor
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