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Advanced Processing of Resources and Energy

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Process Simulation from the Creation of Energy Resources to their Consumption

Resources provide the materials for all products, and energy is consumed to manufacture products from materials. In Advanced Processing of Resources and Energy, we study the entire process encompassing these resources and energy from theoretical and practical standpoints using simulations based on computational physics. These results are put to use to establish lifting systems in deep-sea mineral-resource development and to optimize the series of materials processing, including continuous casting, rolling and sheet forming.

Research Topics in this Laboratory

  • Research on resource conservation, energy conservation, and process streamlining in the manufacturing process for iron and steel and non-ferrous metals (Energy conservation and environmental measures in energy demand industries)
  • Research on formability of metal sheets (Energy conservation and environmental measures through more lightweight automobiles)
  • Research for understanding and optimization of water cooling mechanisms for high-temperature solid metals (Material control in metal material manufacturing processes)
  • Research on building of lifting systems for mining of deep-sea mineral resources

Instructors and Their Offices

  • Professor Hirohiko Takuda
    (Yoshida Campus, Engineering Department Building No. 6, Expansion 2F, Room 21)
  • Associate Professor Hitoshi Fujimoto
    (Yoshida Campus, Engineering Department Building No. 6, Expansion 2F, Room 25)
  • Assistant Professor Takayuki Hama
    (Yoshida Campus, Engineering Department Building No. 6, Expansion 2F, Room 23)

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