Establishing theories in energy science.

Socio-Environmental Energy Science Dept.

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The Department of Socio-Environmental Energy Science aims at the establishment of ideal energy systems harmonizing with natural and human environments in order to sustain the continuous development of human civilization. For this purpose, various energy problems are systematically analyzed from sociological, political, economical, biological and environmental perspectives.

Research Group List of Socio-Environmental Energy Science Dept.
Division Groups Professor Associate Professor Lecturer Assistant Professor
Social Science of Energy Engineering for Social SystemsOpen link Keiichi N. ISHIHARA Hideyuki OKUMURA
Takaya OGAWA
Energy EconomicsOpen link Benjamin MCLELLAN Seiichi OGATA
Energy EcosystemsOpen link Haruo KAWAMOTO Eiji MINAMI
Socio-Environmental Energy Systems Energy and InformationOpen link Hiroshi SHIMODA Hirotake ISHII Kimi UEDA
Energy and EnvironmentOpen link Takayuki KAMEDA
Societal Energy Science Energy Policy Open link Hironobu UNESAKI Yoshiyuki TAKAHASHI
Societal Energy Education Open link Ken KUROSAKI Hirotoshi UEBAYASHI Masaya KUMAGAI
Energy and CommunicationOpen link Jun YOSHIDA
International Energy Problems Visiting Professors Mehdi BANESHI

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