In the 14th IAESREC Science Cafe, we invite Dr. Takuma WATARI from National Institute for Environmental Studies (Japan).
His academic backgrounds are environmental engineering and system engineering. He is an active young scientist in the research fields of environmental science such as industrial ecology, resource recycling, and energy systems. At the same time, he is a graduate of the Department of Socio-Environmental Energy Science, Graduate School of Energy Science. It will be an excellent opportunity for participating students to see very active senior directly and to ask about research but also future career and so on… Please feel free to join us!



Dr. Takuma WATARI (National Institute for Environmental Studies, Japan)
Title: “How should we use materials in a zero-emission future?”
Keywords of talk: Net zero; Circular economy; Construction materials

Oral presentation style

[Date & Time]
September 14th (Thu) 16:00-17:00

IAESREC Seminar Room (Room 302), Faculties of Engineering Integrated Research Bldg., Yoshida Campus

English or Japanese (No need to care about language! Feel free to join us!)